We are Kevin and Kelly Thompson, the husband and wife team behind Knotted & Corked. We grew up in the same small town just outside of Los Angeles, shared many of the same interests and ran around with the same group of friends. After college, we reconnected, started dating and soon found ourselves married together.

The vision for this company began when we bought our house and started decorating. With Kevin’s impressive tool collection and Kelly’s creativity, we began building furniture and shelving around our home. With Kevin’s dad as a carpenter, Kevin naturally picked up the skill sets of woodworking and building. Kelly has always been crafty, whether that be knitting/crocheting, refurbishing flea market furniture, ceramics or painting, she is always looking to see what she can do with what she has. Friends, family and neighbors started to see what we were capable of and suggested we start making things to sell. While flattered, Kelly laughed, due to both of us working full time jobs, so what soon became Knotted & Corked, seemed out of the question. With new toys (tools) magically appearing, Kelly finally decided, if Kevin wants to keep getting new tools, we are going to put them to good use and start this company.

Knotted refers to the knots in wood, one of our favorite aspects of the natural material and Corked as it pertains to the cork in a bottle of wine. Kelly’s “day” job, as we call it, is in the wine industry. She collects corks and wine bottles at the end of the day that she can’t stand to toss in the recycling bin. Both of these materials are also great for decor and up-cycling. Our backgrounds, experience, hobbies and style all combined to create Knotted & Corked and we are so excited to bring our passion to life.


Every piece we bring to you, whether personalized or not, has the same care of craft. Kelly spends lots of time sketching, brainstorming and talking through new ideas.

Say hello to Lincoln!

Say hello to Lincoln!

Once we begin production, we make sure the materials and techniques we use are the right choice for the job. Some designs we bring to you to personalize and others are collaborations with the customer.

Say hello to Raleigh!